lunes, 22 de febrero de 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Root Method 2

Just when everyone was looking forward to the next-generation flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 listed, its Root method has been low-key release, and now to share the 2nd method with you.

Preparation: a normal Samsung Galaxy S6, normal USB data cable, preferably original. Maintain power at more than 30% in order to prevent accidental no electricity in the brush machine process. Download a good tool and then follow the tutorial below to go to

First, download the Samsung Galaxy S6 USB drive and Odin Brush tool and the dedicated CWM

After the download is complete, first installed S6 USB drive (very important).

Then pick up the phone, tap the menu, open the “Settings” – “Developer Options” – “USB debugging”, put a tick on.

In Exit menu, choose Shut Down. While holding down the “power button” After the shutdown + “volume down” + “Home key” boot, we will see the following screen:

At this point we press the “volume up” into the “Downloading mode” to display a large green Android robot interface, here is the word “Downloading”.

ID will be opened after the end of Odin in computer software, odin software will identify the phone recognition success: COM displayed at yellow, the message box below tips: Added! As shown below

Then the tool in checking the PDA, select the downloaded CWM, click start, wait for the brush into it. This is a built-Root’s Recovery, similar to the cf-root.

After the restart the phone you will see a supersu, then you will get a Root privileges phones.
Friends do not like one step you can download Samsung Galaxy S6 dedicated Recovery + Root file .

After decompression, the annex to update pack into the sd root directory, and then, as with the above, open the Odin tool to check the PDA boot into Recovery.

Press and hold the “power button” after the completion hold the “volume up” + “Home key” to restart the phone into Recovery, and then select Install zip from sdcard, before finding the update into the archive, then yes install, brushing reboot Root access permissions. END.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Root Method 1

Today to introduce the Samsung Galaxy S6 ROOT method, This method is very simple, we only need to use tool to Odin into small wire brush to give us Were Offered These two files, you can complete the acquisition methods for Samsung Galaxy S6 and get ROOT privileges, the following look together.

Tools / materials

  • Install the driver
  • Boot into a third-party Recovery
  • Get privileges ROOT

Methods / steps

Download the following drivers, like installing other applications, online installation tools. Download all files from LessrPwn .
First we open the tool Odin3-v1.838, first stood do not move, Then we will phone off.
Press and hold the volume down key + power button + Home key to enter fastboot mode, Then you will see this screen:
We hold the volume up key, and a will then a to to jump to another screen as shown below:
At this point we Have the phone connected to the computer, look at information map, ID: COM box below this if you turned yellow it shows drivers installed correctly and ready to use.
Then we click on the PDA this option, then a a aa let's choose the brush into cwm6-recovery-note2.tar.md5 this file, select it Then, we click on Start, then a PASS to display in the first box at the top of the Brush tool, instructions Have Been brush into recovery success.
At this point, the Galaxy S6 will Automatically restart, roots into success.
Similarly, followed by the above method and then a to to to operate again.
Phone off, press and hold the volume down key + power button + Home key to enter fastboot mode. Then hold the volume up key. Jump to another interface, then a to to to the phone connected to the computer.

Then we choose cwm6-root-galaxys6.tar.md5 this file, the same way into the root, Then the phone will restart Automatically from the boot of the first screen,
Such an interface will Appear, indicating That the machine is into ROOT, then a to rise to a finished, the phone will Automatically restart, the restart after the return to the main interface,
Find the following icons SuperSU, it shows get ROOT success. END


  • In Selecting cwm6-root-file galaxys6.tar.md5 brush fashionable phone will stop at the first screen for some time, be patient and wait for it.